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Words from The Oracle - The phoenix can only fly when its feathers are grown


Dog portrait- The Boxers
Oil painting on oil canvas.
Commission complete 20th March 2013

Commission in progress Sunday 3rd March 2013

Mexican Sugar Skull- In flowers
Oil painting on oil canvas.
Commission complete November 2012

FanArt - Manic Miner
Oil painting on oil paper 20x16 inches.
Commission completed  Tuesday 15th March 2011

What an unusual commission!
It is the tape cover of a retro game called Manic Miner, the spectrum release... I think....
I do have a great love of pixel art and this isn't actually too far removed, so kinda enjoyed my time spent with the green telephone monster.

Dog portrait- The Apso
Oil painting on oil paper 20x16 inches.
Commission completed Thursday 10th March 2011

I was given a photo of a sweet little Lhasa Apso for this commission.

I would have preferred to have the little one in front of me for this portrait, but as it's a surprise present a sitting isn't possible.

I have a great understanding of dog anatomy and the direction fur flows after brushing my bearded collie every day for over 10 years, so wasn't too worried about the lack of detail provided by the original photograph. 

The most important aspect of an animal portrait is capturing expression in their eyes.

I hope that I have captured the cuteness of this little one
If you click on this photo to enlarge it you will see that the camera and light was just right to snatch a glimpse of light shining through the glazes in the blue material next to the dog's front paws. 
You can see the underlayers of red and raw umber!

There aren't many glazes on this as it is a quick commission but even a few layers make a difference, it's got a slight golden glow in the right light. 

Obviously as this is a quick one, lots of the brush strokes had to be loose and impressionistic.

Charcoal sketch                                                                                          Oil Sketch

Portrait of a girl - The Day dreamer
Oil on board
April 2011.

This was my very first attempt at flesh tones.
I am quite pleased with the pearls and the goldwork on her top, and she also has great juicy lip gloss. I wanted to give her a far away look, like she was day dreaming.

I was amazed that I needed to use such vivid colours next to one another to create skin tone, and quickly learned the vital importance of placement of warm and cold tones. 

She all too easily went from looking radiant one minute, to needing a wash the next, to looking like she seriously needs a good nights kip!

Guess she's just like the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

that Lhasa Apso is a cute one the owner is very lucky the painting makes it look like its just been brushed and fluffy

Anonymous said...

I like the Day Dreamer's pearl earring, glows like it is the real thing

Anonymous said...

Manic miner looks fab, Just like the 80's casette game.