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Words from The Oracle - The phoenix can only fly when its feathers are grown

Friday, 6 April 2012

Daily Painting - Landscape with Alien ship

 Landscape with Alien ship  - Painting number 21 re-visited

Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Oil Paper 20x16 inches.

I re-visited this painting as I didn't like the original at all...not a single bit. 
Every time I walked past it I used to pull faces and scowl at it.
It was a made up landscape and it never grew on me.

One day while I was painting away, Andy stuck it in front of me and said I needed to finish it. 

So, I spent a number of days trying to add to it... but....I still didn't like it.

I asked my sister to come up and help point out where I'd gone wrong.
She said that the painting simply wasn't my style and wasn't me. 
She then decided it would look better with a little addition and created and stuck on the spaceship.

Now I love it LOL 
The mini cow is the best 
I'm not referring to my sister here bless!... I'm referring to the tiny cow she added to the death ray.
El xxX