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Words from The Oracle - The phoenix can only fly when its feathers are grown

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Daily Painting - Golden Bhudda

Standing Golden Buddha painting 
Golden Buddha- Lucky Painting number 52 

Golden Buddha Yin & Yang

Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on canvas paper 9x6.5 inches.
I thought that I had finished this painting on 3/01/12 but I have spent months adding more and more layers.
I wanted his face to be yin & yang, male & female, happy and sad. The transcendental moment. I've tried to give him that 'enigmatic smile', so if you  stare at the laksana on his forehead he glows slightly and his smile widens (not trying to achieve much here am I! LOL). I'm not sure you can see it in photos I've added, you can't even see his dimples. The smiling thing could be a spooky trick of light caused by the layers of glazed oil paint or because I've gone slightly cross eyed painting him at times. He smiles for me anyway, but for some people he frowns, you never know what you are going to get!

He's gone through so many many faces and  many many layers of paint, before I was content with him. You can imagine why therefore, it has taken me months to paint him. I've added lots of photos as the painting looks different at different times of day. I'm a bit miffed that I can't capture him how I see him with my own eyes. It's frustrating the way that oil paintings change when you photograph them (blah blah blah I'm forever saying this! lol). I'm thinking I might need to donate him, Kagyu Samye Ling is beginning to feel like the right home... he's too inspiring for me to own, he's a little epic to look at, he glows!. I'm going to have to investigate getting a professional print so I can keep him that way instead.

So...Did I achieve what I set out to capture?
Yes, in my own way, he's exactly as I imagined he should be.
I have based him on the traditional standing Gandhara Buddha. I'm massively influenced by The Standing Buddha statue in Tokyo's National Museum from 1st - 2nd century  Buddha and I believe it to be the most beautiful.

So you might ask why have I chosen to paint Buddha....
I remember when I was a small child singing the end theme song from Monkey and it used to make me cry.  I also loved the gentleness and fragility of Buddhist monk Xuanzing. Strangely, I've always wanted to paint Buddha since then.

Each man desires to reach Gandhara, his very own utopia. In the striving and the seeking soul, man can see Gandhara. In Gandhara, Gandhara, they say it was in India. Gandhara, Gandhara, the place of light Gandhara.
Though long ago and far,

Might do a Leonardo on this painting and add to him for many years to come.
Elena xxX