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Monday, 2 May 2011

Away for a while

Well I've been away for a while and will be a little longer.
Just got a German Shepherd puppy and the training is taking up all my time.

His name is Dax
He is a KC registered sable

Dax 8 weeks old

He is now 9 weeks old and can sit, give paw, lie down, stand, take food nice. I can get 5 steps away on the stay command. Just trying to teach him to stop biting at the moment which is tricky, it's a bit like living with a shark.

The breeder is so amazing that Dax could already sit and give paw when I got him, training is natural to him and he thoroughly enjoys it.

I feed him on a mix of complete puppy Wainwrights and raw meat and bones.
As I am unable to eat meat myself, he gets the best free range organic steak and the likes. Nothing but the best for Dax. Well....he's only getting what I would have had.
Eventually I'll faze out the complete puppy food and have him on a 100% raw diet.

He is too young to go on the ground yet.
Here he is in his puppy carry rucksack getting
used to the sound of traffic and strangers petting him.

I can't believe how much he has grown in a week!

This is just to give you an idea how big he now is

I have waited 2 years to get the perfect GSD and now I am overjoyed. 
He has the absolute perfect temperament for me, but that's what happens when you get a puppy from a fantastic breeder, they take great care to match the dog perfectly to the new owner.
I love the unique colour coats and markings that you only get from my breeder. He has the traditional dark nose with dark down his back but all the pups also have dark around their eyes, like Egyptian eye-liner or monocles.
The thing I love the best about Dax's colour is his golden honey ears and paws. As he grows he will get a lot lighter. He will end up having a coat with different shades of honey and sand. 

Every moment I spend investing in his training and socialisation while he is this age will repay me a million fold when he is older.

So I'm off to train him how to chew bones properly again without catching my fingers.
Speak soon.