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Words from The Oracle - The phoenix can only fly when its feathers are grown

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunshine in Edinburgh

German Shepherd Dax 17 months old
New addition to the family, Andy's parent's American Akita puppy 12 weeks old

Hey Emma, guess what they called the little puppy?
They called her misha : )
I didn't influence them either, it's just the best name. 
Dax is behaving although he is still a teenage boy so runs and barks at other big dogs if we aren't looking, naughty! I am still training him for an hour every morning, at the moment I am training him to know the difference between running left and right and straight ahead. He is doing well although he likes running right. We were walking up Arthurs seat the other evening and in the middle of the heather was a sign warning that birds were nesting so dogs need to be kept under control. Dax saw the sign and stood rigid, he was absolutely freaked by it! We asked him if he had read it as he was stood there so long, and he just took off in the opposite direction as fast as lightning. We just couldn't stop laughing : ) German Shepherds are such odd creatures aren't they, guess he didn't like the idea of being kept under control.

Keep up your crafting my favourite 2nd cousin ; )

El xxX


Friday, 27 July 2012

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Happy Jubilee everyone

Thames Diamond Julilee boat Pageant  - Painting number 54 - In progress

Diamond Julilee Pageant  Australian rowers - Painting number 55 - In progress

Monday, 21 May 2012

Daily Painting - Pieta Jesus after Michelangelo

Pieta Jesus after Michelangelo Oil Painting - Painting number 53
This is the image 31/03/2013 and he is finally complete.
The final layers of blue tones, highlights and lowlights made him...beautiful. 
He's now varnished and framed. It will be strange to see him leave, I've been working on him for nearly a year. 
I call him     The Greatest Sacrifice.

Work in progress

This is the image 03/03/2013, highlights have been added to his hair. Once this dries in  2 weeks time, blue glazes are going to go over the highlights. Nearly finished now.

This is the image 29/07/12, darker glazes have been added which have made Mary's blue more vivid. When these glazes dry, light blue highlights will be added to his hair on the top left to reflect the glow from Mary, then it should be nearing completion.

I am getting more content with the image now as the darker glazes have made his skin tone more to my liking.

I am trying to capture the moment when the sky darkened and life left him. I know that for most people my choice of subject is not the nicest, to capture the image of a man who has been tortured and died might be considered very grim. This painting is going to be a gift for the priest of St. Joseph's church in Adlington Lancashire when he retires later this year and I believe, if anyone, he will be able to handle it.

The reason that this painting is dedicated to a priest, is for one moment in time, that in his eyes I saw a glimmer of what it is to sacrifice all that you have for something you utterly believe in.

For my sister her wedding was one of the most important times of her life. She wanted to be married in a Catholic church and her husband went through months and months of intense catholic training so that her dream could happen, it was one of those big expensive fantastic weddings that are talked about in a family for years and years.

On the day, disaster struck and the registrar failed to turn up. In the eyes of the law the wedding could not go ahead. The priest stood calm, then said that he did not care if the Catholic church stuck him off, he was going to marry them, for they would be married in the eyes of God and he believed that was what mattered.

The look of strength and determination in his eyes made me realise that he spoke truthfully and he risked everything in doing this.
This is why I have chosen to depict this particular image of Jesus, the moment of ultimate sacrifice, for that moment of ultimate sacrifice I saw in the eyes of the priest who dedicated his entire life the priesthood and risked it's end.

He said it was worth the risk for him, as he would lunch off the story for years and years to come. I just hope this painting will be brilliant enough for him to gain a few more lunches  : )
This is the image 21/05/12, the mid tone glazes have been added and a number of highlights depicting the speckled light from the remnants of the darkening sun.

 Crown of Thorns

Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on canvas paper 9x6.5 inches.
This is going to be another very long painting.
This is a study of Michelangelo's sculpture Pieta. I have previously painted Mary from this sculpture but kept to the simple shades of the stone, this time I wanted to go full on paint. 
Before starting this painting I studied as many of Michelangelo's paintings of Jesus as I could find, to try and match the skin tone and hair colour he used. Michelangelo layered up his colours and used black extensively and vivid saturated colour. His use of black shading is most obvious in the partly finished painting The Manchester Madonna. I am going to keep posting my work in progress so you can see how a painting changes when using the old techniques. There is no light without dark.

El xxX