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Words from The Oracle - The phoenix can only fly when its feathers are grown

Monday, 26 May 2014

Weeping Madonna Icon

Weeping Madonna Icon  - Painting number 77
Oil Painting on Canvas 2.5x3.5 inches.

So what's this miniature Icon?
The Virgin Mary crying, her eyes blinded by tears of grief. 
Such pain in her heart.

Below is the sketch I did in Photoshop to practice before attempting the miniature icon above. 
If you zoom into the sketch she has perfect little tears. Obviously I couldn't add these to the miniature icon above as the tears are only a fraction of a millimetre wide in the actual painting.
Thinking therefore of painting a larger version.

Elena xxX


Archangel Michael and the Unicorn Icon

Archangel Michael and the Unicorn  - Painting number 76

Oil Painting on Canvas 39x49 centimetres.

So what's this Icon?
It's Saint Michael with peacock wings riding a unicorn, fighting a globe holding dragon. 

What's the meaning behind it?
Icons are filled with stylised imagery of symbolic meaning. A gesture of a hand, a feather, a bird, all aspects of an icon have thoughtfully considered meaning. An icon is not meant to be painted, it is meant to be written.

"Catholics can't write Icons".
Yep, I,  being born Roman Catholic, obviously have not adhered to the strict writings of Russian orthodox iconographers. I have adhered to the rule that you must start with Archangel Michael before all others, I even created my own feather paintbrushes from scratch but in the end, I found that I was simply unable to stick to the strict writing rules.
So for all those who say "Catholics can't write Icons" I would have to say, well... 
I'm proof of that. 
I just couldn't stop myself from adding a little new renaissance beauty.

In regards to painting's meaning, the unicorn is the national emblem of Scotland the rest you'll just have to figure out for yourself : )

Elena xxX


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Edward Kenway oil painting

Black Flag Edward Kenway - Painting number 75

Oil Painting on Canvas 39x39 inches.

Happy PlayStation 4 weekend and St.Andrew's day everyone : )

Been playing/watching Black Flag all last night and today, totally hooked.
Oh my goodness just seen a twister! It's absolutely epic.
Think I'm going to know all the words to the sea shanties by the time it's done, already caught myself humming them. 

Hope you like my study of Assassin's Creed Edward Kenway, it's a big un.
Decided a while back to do a renaissance level portrait of the guy and he's going beautifully. I've become a bit of a gun fan : )
Splashed out on some exceedingly expensive paint and I am starting to see the results with the top glazing going on. The paint is starting to glow, the red sash is especially lusciously deep.

I always hear people complaining that modern art just isn't as good as the old stuff. That artists nowadays don't have technical skill or ability to pull great works off. Well I would like to point out the artistic creations developed by artists within the gaming industry. Popular art these days isn't all about throwing art at a canvas. Popular art is all about realism and it is now technically wondrous.

I get hyper giddy waiting for each new release of Assassin's Creed with their epic romantic renaissance scenery and deviously handsome assassins. I simply adore the assassin's outfits and thought that they deserved to be immortalised in oil portraiture.
Perhaps I just want to make a blazing point of the obvious connection I see between high art and popular graphical art.


At the moment I just can't decide if the background in my Edward Kenway study should be plain like the original graphic or if I should add battling pirate ships.

You know I'm going to add ships......

I'd best put in some nautical practice.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Oil Painting - Greek statue Brienne

Greek statue Brienne - Painting number 74
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

Here's the work in progress, with grisaille underpainting.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Oil Painting - The Royal Stuart Angels after Antonio Canova

The Royal Stuart Angels after Antonio Canova - Painting number 73
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

This is a study of the marble angel sculptures by Antonio Canova on the tomb of the last three members of the Royal House of Stuart (Stewart) part one of two. The monument is for James III, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Henry. Here's a photo of the original which is housed in St Peter's Basilica.
I didn't intend to study this sculpture directly, copying the look of Neoclassical marble, instead I've used Early Renaissance painting techniques with more of a look of Late Medieval art than I usually attempt.  
This is the first time I have used real gold paint in one of my renaissance studies, I've added to the wings and hair. I now understand why they added gold to paintings, it adds a strange glowing rich and different dimension. It is really bold.
The original sculpture is female but my study looks male, I started painting the face without looking at the original  (tut tut) and then didn't feel like it needed changing. Male, Female, I don't think it matters when angels are involved.

Here's the work in  progress, as it constantly changed.

Before I forget, here's this morning's sky
Edinburgh Sky - Wednesday 8th May, morning.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Oil painting - David after Michelangelo

David after Michelangelo - Painting number 72
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas.
I'm back to painting sculptures again, this being a close up study of Michelangelo's David's face.
Tried something a little different for this one by applying the paint via pallet knife. I just couldn't accept the harsh strokes so went on to add finer details as usual, you can still see the thick paint clearly on the second photograph. 

Been taking lots of photos of the sky again too. 
I'm totally in love with the beautiful blues you see in Edinburgh's sky. The clouds are unbeatable and the sky's quickly changing nature makes me feel like I am looking at a different landscape every minute. There is a saying here "if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes or move five miles"  which is utterly apt. Edinburgh weather in May is utterly changeable. You have to accept that the use of both sunglasses and an umbrella at the same time, is not an unusual look here. Layer up, layer down, layer up, layer down.
Today, so far, the weather is utterly gorgeous. It is really warm and there isn't a cloud in the sky.
Pure Blue !
Edinburgh Sky - Tuesday 7th May, morning.
Edinburgh Sky - Monday 6th May, morning.
Edinburgh Sky - Saturday 4th May, morning.
Edinburgh Sky - Friday 19th April, morning.
Edinburgh Sky - Tuesday 23rd April, afternoon.

The cherry blossom has started to bloom! The white and the pink are out and in just a couple more weeks and my favourite pink blush blooms will be out.
I'll make sure I take lots of photos for you to see.
Then it will only take a month and the air will be filled with falling blossom, and all will be gone.

Here are the pink and white.
The pink heather is beautiful at the moment too


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Weekend photography

Dax playing football

My New Orchid
Elena xxX