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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Edward Kenway oil painting

Black Flag Edward Kenway - Painting number 75

Oil Painting on Canvas 39x39 inches.

Happy PlayStation 4 weekend and St.Andrew's day everyone : )

Been playing/watching Black Flag all last night and today, totally hooked.
Oh my goodness just seen a twister! It's absolutely epic.
Think I'm going to know all the words to the sea shanties by the time it's done, already caught myself humming them. 

Hope you like my study of Assassin's Creed Edward Kenway, it's a big un.
Decided a while back to do a renaissance level portrait of the guy and he's going beautifully. I've become a bit of a gun fan : )
Splashed out on some exceedingly expensive paint and I am starting to see the results with the top glazing going on. The paint is starting to glow, the red sash is especially lusciously deep.

I always hear people complaining that modern art just isn't as good as the old stuff. That artists nowadays don't have technical skill or ability to pull great works off. Well I would like to point out the artistic creations developed by artists within the gaming industry. Popular art these days isn't all about throwing art at a canvas. Popular art is all about realism and it is now technically wondrous.

I get hyper giddy waiting for each new release of Assassin's Creed with their epic romantic renaissance scenery and deviously handsome assassins. I simply adore the assassin's outfits and thought that they deserved to be immortalised in oil portraiture.
Perhaps I just want to make a blazing point of the obvious connection I see between high art and popular graphical art.


At the moment I just can't decide if the background in my Edward Kenway study should be plain like the original graphic or if I should add battling pirate ships.

You know I'm going to add ships......

I'd best put in some nautical practice.