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Words from The Oracle - The phoenix can only fly when its feathers are grown

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Daily Painting - The Greatest Sacrifice

The Greatest Sacrifice - Painting number 53   re-visited

Finally completed
Elena xxX

Happy Easter

Peace Lily
White Orchid
Pink Orchid
Crocus - Leith links park
Spring - Leith links park
Spring Sky
Easter Chocolate Bunny

Happy Easter everyone!
How lucky am I to have both my Peace Lily and Orchid in bloom today. 
Thought I would photograph them for you to see.

My Orchid has been in bloom continuously for 2 years now and is still going strong. I thought they were supposed to be difficult, but turns out they aren't difficult for me.

Took a couple of quick snaps out in the park this morning too, the crocus are out and the beautiful daffodils are just starting to bud.

It is such a wonderfully sunny day today, a true Easter spring day.

Dax my German Shepherd is now 2 years old, how fast does time fly!

Elena xxX

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Daily Painting - Dr Who Cybermen

Cyberman - Painting number 70
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

This one is work in progress.
It's another great big huge canvas.
Done the basic blocking in and started to add a bit of the metal blue to the face.
Going to be a stunner once it is finished.

Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Nebula and the missing Dr Who blue box

Nebula and the missing tardis - Painting number 69
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Oil Paper.

My Dr Who Tardis photos are missing. Not sure where I put them.
Well, until I find them here are the nebula paintings I did as a practice for the Dr Who painting.

Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Kiki's delivery service after Studio Ghibli

Kiki after Studio Ghibli - Painting number 68
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

Anime in oil paint is very tricky. It's the dark outlines which cause trouble.

Kiki's Delivery Service is probably the Studio Ghibli film that I pull out and watch most. I think it's the sunshine which makes it my repeat favourite.

Got the game NiNo Kuni for my birthday the other week and it is spectacular, I'm loving the crazy creatures and music. It a combination of my two favourite things in the world, Studio Ghibli and game producers Square Enix.
For me...It is to die for : )

Oh now, Final Fantasy oil paintings, that's food for thought.

Just to let you know the following paintings have been updated:-
Painting 18: Daily Painting - Contemplating Flight
Painting 53: Daily Painting - Pieta Jesus after Michelangelo
Page: Delphic Sibyl
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Howl's Moving Castle after Studio Ghibli

Howl after Studio Ghibli - Painting number 67
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

Oh, how I adore Studio Ghibli films and after doing this study of Howl, I love their work even more.

You know you have films in your collection that you watch time and time again, well I watch all seventeen Studio Ghibli films in my collection over and over and over.

This shot is just after Howl's hissy fit "I see no point in living if I can't be beautiful". 
I really enjoyed painting Howl, he did turn out beautifully.

You'd think that painting anime should be simple as the colour palate is limited.
Think again, there are layers of subtleties you wouldn't believe.

Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Avatar Jake Sully

Avatar Jake Sully - Painting number 66
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Oil paper.

Most who stumble across by work question why I take on very few commissions and why I don't exhibit. My blog has a horribly unusual name so that it is very difficult to just stumble across, unless I let you know about it. 

I am like a little hermit artist and I am currently choosing to be this way.

Truth is...I don't want the world to see my work until I believe it is exceptional, and at the moment I believe I'm quite average (that's not very truthful, mostly I think I'm awful LOL)
I've got this horrible dream of becoming a living master. I've set very high expectations of what I believe I could achieve by the time I'm approximately 80, if I work very very hard at it.

At the moment I only take on enough commissions to keep me "in paint" and no more (as oil painting is quite a costly obsession).
Everything else I paint is for my portfolio, and I'm prepared to study oil and be unknown for a very long long time as this is the only way I believe I can be free to advance.

So....I was having a think which direction I wanted to go in next..
I started thinking about doing portraits, but then decided that I wanted to paint something that would prove to me how much I have advanced in the three years I have been oil painting so far.


I made my decision.
I am going to try and paint images that everyone knows and loves (or selfishly images 'I' know and love, it is my portfolio after all hehehehe).

So I've started with AVATAR, because goodness how I love that film.

My painting of Jake Sully turned out splendidly handsome, if I do say so myself.
He made me feel proud as punch.
Hope you like him too.

Tell me what you think and give me suggestions for your favourite image.
Please feel free to add comments to my blog.
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Pacman Kill screen

 Pacman Kill screen - Painting number 65
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas.

Nice bit of retro pixel art for you this time.

You just wouldn't believe how long it took me to paint all those pixels - Two weeks !!!
This one is massive : )

There are 5 pixels left to paint and then it will be signed and finished.
If you are as obsessive for detail as I am you will spot them.

Once it's completed and varnished, I'll upload a better photo as this one was just a quick snap and is a little wonky.

There is a whole world of pixel art fans out there, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone else paint an entire Pacman kill screen.
Perhaps its because I paid about £25 for a tiny tube of the most beautiful turquoise so that the pixel colour match was perfect, and not many are prepared to go to that level for their love of pixel art. Or... it could be the fear of repetitive strain injury.

But little snippets of kill screen are an different matter entirely : ) 
How cute is this one....
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Modernism Needle Point

Modernism Needle Point - Painting number 63
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas 56x46 cm.

Picasso this time.
Went to the Picasso & Modern British Art exhibition for influence with this one.
I absolutely loved it.

Andy absolutely hated it, said it's the most boring morning he's ever spent in his life looking at never ending children's fridge artThere's no accounting for taste.

I tried not to directly copy Picasso's style but it was tricky. Hope you like my painting, there is a lot of me in it.

Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Ballerina Polyfilla

Ballerina Polyfilla- Painting number 62
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas 56x46 cm.

I enjoyed looking up Constable's work for my last painting so decided to let myself be influenced by other artists too. 

For this painting I looked at all the works of Degas.
Unfortunately, I don't think my style is free enough to make movement work yet.
I wasn't keen on this ballerina's face and I simply don't have oil pastel talent, so I decided to attack the painting with polyfilla.   Polyfilla good  : )

I still don't like her face but have to remember that Degas ballerina's aren't all stunners either.
I think I'll try ballerina's again in the future once I've mastered oils a bit more, but leave them be for now.
It simply isn't as easy as it looks, this has given me a new found massive respect for Degas.
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Raw Umber Landscape

Raw Umber Landscape- Painting number 61
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas 41x41 cm.

Since my last painting stopped at the underpainting stage, I thought I'd leave one at the raw umber stage. This one is after Constable, and one day I may finish it, but probably not.
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Night lights at dusk

Night lights at dusk- Painting number 60
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Oil Paper 56x46 cm.

I was just at the underpainting stage and I was told to leave this one be. So I did.
I would have made it much much darker.
Elena xxX

Daily painting - Made up landscape

Made up landscape- Painting number 59
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Canvas 56x46 cm.

Was influenced by the fog I last painted and decided to use what I had learned and make up a misty landscape.
Last time I made up a landscape I hated it, so this was risky.
Not bad results this time, I must be getting better : )
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Sea Side haar

Sea Side haar- Painting number 58
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Oil Paper 7x5 inches.

Tried out Oil pastels again, think this will be my last attempt.
Was very cold out and the haar was thick, nice surprise to see people rowing out of the mist.
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Leith

Leith - Painting number 57
Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Oil Paper 7x5 inches.

Tried out Oil pastels for the first time, didn't like them.
The results are too chunky.
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Park

Park - Painting number 56

Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Oil Paper 7x5 inches.

I put purple into the black of these trees. Worked out quite well.
Elena xxX

Daily Painting - Leith Links sunshine

Leith Links sunshine Oil Painting - Painting number 55

Daily Painting - Original Oil Painting on Oil Paper 7x5 inches.

It has been a number of months since I updated my blog, but don't start thinking this means I haven't been doing any painting...quite the opposite, I've done loads.
I'm going to upload as many as I can today to catch up.
Elena xxX