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Words from The Oracle - The phoenix can only fly when its feathers are grown

About me

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.
It's the greatest place on earth to live if you are a landscape painter.
It's true that you can get four seasons in one day here.

Every time I go out I take my camera with me to snap shots of the ever changing sky.

I love to be driven around (fast) while I snap pictures, chasing the sunshine.

                                 Here's a few of my favourite shots

                              Scotland also has great dramatic winters which are perfect for painting.

I had a wonderful day out in Blackpool with family and Andy.
Did the walk of death up the tower, went on the big one, ate chips and had a knickerbocker glory!

                             Andy is a great photographer! Here's the results just using my snapper

This is me, my mother Jennifer and my brother Carl getting blown away by fresh sea air.

Doing up the pond
Did some gardening and tidied up the wild life pond.

This is me and my dad Alan, having a well deserved rest. 

The cat was wise and kipping inside, all rolled up into a little ball.

Ruby Wedding anniversary
My Parents had a great party to celebrate putting up with each other for so long. 
The party went on for about 3 days.

                                     My sister Victoria, her husband Scott and my partner Andy. 

Meerkats or prancing ponies, not sure which.

Drinking Shandy.

Lancashire teeth

My beautiful second cousin and her friend. 
She made me the most wonderful handmade box with a crochet broach inside, stunner.

Grandad George the midnight barbecuer

Spent 2.5 weeks in Noida just outside of Delhi, India.

Was a business trip but got evenings and weekends to look around. I was a good girl and took my laptop with me so I could chat to everyone at home while I was away.

I took thousands of photographs while I was there. This is my favourite one as I just love the people.

Shopping for presents to take home
Bought Andy this beautiful hand carved elephant

Night time

There was a big important award ceremony for work so we bought sarees for the occasion.

My dad asked me to get the best sari that I could afford and then gave me the money for it when I returned. It's the most beautiful gift any parents could buy for their daughter. 
                                           As wearing a sari makes you feel like a princess.

My friend Shubha gave me a necklace, earrings and a set of fabulous bangles to match my sari when I left. They matched perfectly and brought tears to my eyes when I opened the box. I'm told the outfit isn't complete without them.

Just need to perfect the henna hands.
Henna Hands


Anonymous said...

Hiya El
I'm loving your paintings!
Drink lots of green tea while you're burning your candle at both ends.
Keep the energy up.
Want to see more.


Anonymous said...

Hi El, photo of guns and flowerpots from India photographs is fab
Keep snapping!

Anonymous said...

Morning Elena
I know you are very very poorly at the moment, hope you are feeling a little better today. You must keep the daily painting up it will keep you sane and away from the dreaded daytime telly.
It's a beautiful sunny spring day today here in Edinburgh. Can you paint the sky for me?
Joe xx

Anonymous said...

Hi el, absolutely luv your pics, they are amazing, u r so talented, I luv the one of me!! I cant wait to see it finished. Hope u ok, an il see ya soon.
Luv Jen xx

Anonymous said...

Hi el , your so talented thank you for the comment about me and amy your gorgeous to hope you get better see you soon and hopefully you can put the pics on of when you came to ours for a walk with dax
from Emma (cousin) xxx

Anonymous said...

haha just noticed on the photo of you looking through the telescope that auntie jenny is behind you walking I think xxx

Emma x